News From The Underground

Art project by Buky Grinberg

Exhibited in "Hamumche" Gallery, Shabazi 40, Tel-Aviv 21.1.99 - 7.3.99

(A joint exhibition with the British artist Richard Wilson)

The following art project is first attempt by artist buky grinberg to create a conceptual environmental exhibition based on secluded objects placed around the hall, in difference from his previous works when the whole space was functioning as one unit.

Nevertheless, grinberg's characteristic motives and elements will appear in this exhibition as along his years of creation: personal & social issues related to existential-universal ideas. He uses usually known/defined materials, images, forms and acts - strong and frontal in "eyes level" - in which the connection between the elements are charged with double meanings ("dialectical process"), leading quite often to absurd. When adding to it humor, surprise and interactivity as usually happens (sounds, movement, etc') - it explains why he may be experienced and understood by various type of audience.


Project description :

The exhibition consist of 9 big objects/installations divided into 3 series - 3 objects in each series. The connection between them is by forms (all are symmetrical containers, trendy industrial products, etc') and ideas (pairing & sexuality, "from the gutter arise redemption", etc') which get it's emphasis by the project title - "News from the underground".

First series is called "Target marking". It is made by groups of stiffed underpants (covered with transparent polyester) in the form and volume as being dressed on body, assembled together to three dimensional sculptures.

Sculpture no' 1 - looks like a ring lay on the ground, built like a greenhouse 3.00 m x 0.75 m, made of women underpants (250 pieces).

Sculpture no' 2 - in X form, built as two crossing walls 3.00 m x 2.80 m, made of men underpants (250 pieces).

Sculpture no' 3 - built/looks like a fountain with 12 arms, 3.00m x 2.80m in total, made of women & men underpants mixed together (250 pieces).

Second series is called "Key to the Universe". All objects are covered with hairy black synthetic fur ("kinky") and in each one of them installed light, sound or energy device which is activated by audience through camouflaged sensors and timers.

Sculpture no' 4 - looks like a big tube/bagel (3m dia x 0.65m high) covered with cow fur. Inside, a pool of bubbling dirty oil and sounds of jet fighters running around.

Sculpture no' 5 - a coffin like box (2.00m x 1.00m x 0.50m) moving up & down to human height. When rising - revealing a screen with big images, accompanied with sound.

Sculpture no' 6 - in an X form, reminding car wheels key, made of 20cm dia. sewer pipes spreading 5.0m x 5.0m, hung horizontally to the ground.

At the end of each arm - a light box with image taken from a 'bizarre' internet sex site.

Third series is called "DirtBoxes", based on underground junctions for sewage tubes systems,

industrially manufactured.

Those junctions are big black molten p.v.c tanks (some 2.0 m x 1.5 m), look like 'strange' barrels and reminding in their appearance 'archaic' 'hi-tech' war machines.

Sculpture no' 7, Sculpture no' 8, and Sculpture no' 9 are 3 of these products ("ready made") which fit most to the project spirit.